This is the home of Inside Malden | Ideas and stories that inspire, a video/podcast talk show and blog that introduces Malden to itself through introspective conversations with Malden change-makers. This program recently won first place in the "Audio Programming" category for the 2017 Hometown USA Media Awards.

Produced by MATV's Neighborhood View, Inside Malden exists to curate the richness of Malden one conversation at a time.

Episodes occur each month, with ample time to digest and explore the various aspects of each conversation. References, book recommendations, and more are offered with each episode. We invite you to engage with the conversations by providing a guest post or comment.

Current Episode

Karen Sparacio | From photojournalist to friend

After being welcomed into the Acholi community of Uganda, I realized - as I took photos and documented their lives - that I needed to become an active participant and get more involved. Over the years we went from being photographer and subject to close friends. Its been a very interesting ride.

While on assignment working on a documentary about Uganda's Acholi Quarter, Malden resident Karen Sparacio became so impressed at the spirit and strength of the women she interviewed, she felt compelled to do more than capture their stories on camera. Read more

Coming Episode

Courtesy Malden Redevelopment Authority

Courtesy Malden Redevelopment Authority

Deborah Burke, of Malden Redevelopment Authority | What will Malden's "Proud Future" be


Featured Artist

Lisa Sears, Visual Artist



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