Impressive Panel Sparks Malden’s Imagination About Arts Expansion

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Arts, Culture, and Community Panel Discussion

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On May 11, 2017, MATV Malden's Media Center, hosted a panel discussion about Arts, Culture, and Community. An arts and culture visioning team in Malden planned this discussion as a way to learn from individuals who have expanded the presence of arts or brought arts into their own communities in some notable way.

This arts visioning team formed following a successful popup art gallery in December of 2016. The excitement of this popup spurred representatives from MATV, Malden Arts, Malden Creates, Malden Cultural Council, and Stephen Maurer, artist representing the artists community to explore ways to expand the arts in Malden.

In February 2017, the team met with elected officials to give a synopsis of recent arts activity and to invite suggestions and support. Inputs from that meeting inspired this discussion, an invitation to the public to respond to successful examples of arts expansion.

The panelists were selected because of their particular success bringing art or art opportunities to their respective community. They shared ways of funding, marketing, and working with the community to increase the demand and willingness to pay for arts. Panelists spoke about the role of artist (performer, visual artist, writer, etc.) or cultural organization to achieve the biggest impact not just for self but for the community.

The discussion highlights practical and philosophical approaches to expanding arts in Malden. Meant as one of many conversations that will lead to action, this recording offers you a chance to benefit from what was shared on May 11 by the panelists and attendees. We hope you will join in on the ongoing conversation and more importantly engage in art-bringing action that will help Malden thrive.

Please offer your thoughts, ideas, and vision for arts in Malden in a comment here or in an email sent to Anne D'Urso-Rose,





Peter Ng

Andy Jacobson

Jean Appolon

Peter Ng is an artist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Originally from Hong Kong, Ng is now retired from 41 years of government service. He now focuses on the needs of community and creates art. Ng works predominantly in the medium of painting in watercolor, oil, acrylic, Chinese calligraphy, and Chinese ink painting.

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Andy Jacobson is owner of Brew'd Awakening Coffeehaus, a coffee and food hub offering performance and art exhibiting space. He also serves as Board Chair  and Acting Exectuvie Director of the Cultural Organization of Lowell (COOL). An avid advocate of the arts, Jacobson is helping shape the arts scene of Lowell.

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Jean Appolon is a choreographer, master teacher, and Artistic Director of Jean Appolon Expressions (JAE).  Appolon directs a free annual summer dance course in Port-au-Prince that serves young, aspiring Haitian dancers who do not have regular access to dance training. 

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Lainey Schooltree

Alvin (Acóma) Colón

Farah Mihoubi

Lainey Schooltree is a Boston-based composer, vaudeville performer, producer of live shows, multi-instrumentalist, comedian, and audio producer/engineer.

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Alvin Colón has been an artist for over 22 years and specializes in portraits and urban art. In 2013, he renovated and co-founded (with Bill Gear) Paris Street Gallery/Studios in Everett, offering artist space rental, exhibits, concerts and live performances.

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Farah Mihoubi is a mentor for entrepreneurs and startup incubator/accelerator participants. Mihoubi's latest interest is to share her business skills with artists.

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