Three Cultural Organizations Collaborate for International Women’s Day in Malden

March 12, 2016 marks the first International Women’s Day Celebration that involved multiple cultural organizations. Over the last five years, the American Association for Arab Women (AAAW) has hosted this occasion to celebrate the achievement of women around the world. This year, the AAAW invited Mei Hung of the Chinese Cultural Connection, Ose Manheim, longtime Malden resident and Swedish expatriate, and Ose Schwab of the Nordic Vocal Ensemble Stämbandet, to join forces and offer a multicultural celebration for the women of Malden.

What emerged was a celebration of women through the lens of culture. Three discussions about women from three parts of the world: Morocco, Taiwan-China, and Sweden-Norway. It brought Malden’s diverse community together in meaningful conversation about the cultural influences and nuances of women in these three parts of the world and what that can mean to women now in Malden.

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