Engaging with Inside Malden’s online space

To make the most of this online space as well as offer inputs to it, it may help you to know that for each monthly episode, you can embark on a journey that begins with the episode itself. Each category (story, dialogue, belief, community, creativity, discovery, change) at the top will reflect the current episode and past episodes.

The journey begins with a story that emerges in an aired conversation, the episode. This is a starting point for further reflection, connection, and action.

  • What further dialogue does this conversation inspire?
  • What beliefs emerge from this conversation?
  • What community or communities does the guest reference or represent?
  • What expressions of creativity relate to this story or the important themes discussed?
  • What potential for discovery calls out from this conversation? What do I want to know more about?
  • What change is mentioned or proposed in this conversation?

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