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Inside Malden is a collaborative effort. Many players make it work.

  • Ose Schwab, Executive Producer, Host
  • Alex Gentile, Director Neighborhood View
  • Anne D'Urso-Rose, Director
  • Karen Stern, Web Editor
  • Elizabeth Scorsello, Set Design, Web Content
  • Karyn Lynch, Camera
  • Karen Buck, Camera
  • Ron Cox, Sound, Lights

We are currently seeking a podcast creator. If you are interested, please send us a note.

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If you would like to write a blog post for Inside Malden, please send us a note with your pitch.


Lainey Schooltree

Alvin (Acóma) Colón

Peter Ng

Andy Jacobson

Farah Mihoubi

Jean Appolon

Dr. Charles Grandson IV | Educational Leader “Gives Back” in Malden

Chris and Grace Tkach

Mei Hung: Executive Director of Chinese Culture Connection

Peter Moore, Composer, Performer, Singer

Yelena Beriyeva

Mai Du

Souad Akib

Contributing Artists

Kevin Harris

Lisa Sears, Visual Artist

Ose Schwab

Peter Ng

If you are a Malden artist and would like to offer your artwork for the top header images representing dialogue, belief, community, creativity, discovery, and change, please send us a note. These images along with a brief bio or artist statement and contact information will also be added to this site. Images change every month as a new episode is added.

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