Dialogue, according to theoretical physicist David Bohm, is a "stream of meaning flowing among and through us and between us." Dialoge, a deep listening, is one of the fundamental pillars of Inside Malden. It is a tool that enables learning, exchange, and understanding.

This online space invites you to explore the beliefs, community, and opportunities for discovery that emerge from each story. Perhaps you will be moved to continue the dialogue in a way with others and find ways to create change - whether in you or in Malden.

DIALOGUE: Lisa L. Sears, 3 from 39

DIALOGUE: Lisa L. Sears, 3 from 39

Panel Discussion about Arts, Culture, and Community

On May 11, arts changemakers were part of a panel discussion at the Malden Senior Center. This event, hosted by MATV, offered a conversation about how to increase the abundance of art in its various forms. A podcast is available. … Continue reading

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Muslim Communities Confront Fear Mongering, Hate Speech, Suspicion

Media center show, “Other Voices” offers a dialogue that explores, “very real fears of the Muslim community, both locally and nationally. It also examines how the FBI has altered its methods from actually investigating terrorist crimes to a massive program … Continue reading

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An encounter with dialogue and technology

I have thought about dialogue for a long time. This began during a stint working for an Internet Company, “Collaborative Structures”. This company was all about collaboration for teams of designers and builders. The teams consisted of contractors, engineers, architects, … Continue reading

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Education for Arab Women

Arab American Stories is an Emmy Award-winning 13-part series presented by Detroit Public Television that explores the diversity of the Arab-American experience. The series was produced by Alicia Sams (who was also the producer/director of the Emmy Award-winning film “By … Continue reading

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