Ideas and Vision for Culture and Arts in Malden

On May 11, 2017, a panel discussion about Arts, Culture, and Community sparked the imagination of attendees. The following ideas were shared after the panel discussion. These ideas are not yet organized. They will be. But here is what was shared.

If you have ideas, add them as a comment.


Building on the Arts Window [Window Arts Malden], partner with local restaurants and shops and Chamber of Commerce to sell art at Point of Sale (POS) where the business keeps a percentage of profit and the artist keeps the remainder.

Performing Art Center / Arts and Culture Center

Yes! A multi-use arts venue would e a great asset to the Malden (and surrounding communities).

Let’s get together and call for a performing arts center to help connect Malden and all its diversity!! Same idea: adding a Multicultural Arts Center

Make Central Fire into an Arts Center, CPA Historic $$ and build new fire station east of town

Make a recreation and Art Center that has a gallery and coffee shop

Sponsor Urban artists to Create murals and graffiti art on the Community trail surface.

Roving Musicians

Public Art

Creative architecture

How is Art going to be celebrated in the New city Hall? Local artist must be involved!!

What does community need the most regarding arts? Music? Choral? Jazz? Rock? Theatre? Dance? Do we need a personality to become a destination?

Yes, more than a baseball field theatre of dreams

Follow the models of places such as UnchArted of Lowell where they serve entertainment: live music, local art, food and booze

Who are the patrons in Malden? Thank them and encourage new art appreciation.

An arts venue, art displayed throughout the city; supported artists, musical performance venue and copious amounts of art and music festivals!

Supposedly obtaining money for a project so big is unimaginable, possibly providing a place interning financial assistance for young artists.

Increase the need for art in the schools – create buyers.

Celebrate the Malden River with interactive water sculptures!

Engage young people in joy of the arts to make for future artists

Utilize, capitalize on what Malden currently has to offer and EXPAND

We need to make connection with other towns and communities North of Boston to promote our art.

Public access to art


Installations: Augmented reality. Recycled materials

Work with Teen Center get it from the horses’ mouth – what do young people need creatively and soulfully? And on the other side – senior center classes, exhibits, wealth of knowledge and experience

Should Malden become an art go to? Theater, music, dance? Should we focus no one art form and develop it aggressively or do all?

The Three M’s: Malden, Medford, Melrose = is there a way to work together? Each town has a “focus’ (jazz, poetry slam, etc.)or have a large 3-city wide event to compete with the larger successful areas?

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