Souad Akib

Souad Akib, hailing from Rabat, Morocco, is most certainly a “Woman of Distinction.

Living in Malden with her two daughters and husband for over 15 years, Akib is well-known for her generous engagement and support of many community initiatives, her welcome presence as personal banker, and her leadership role as Founder and Executive Director of the American Association for Arab Women (AAAW).

In 2010, Akib, who is fluent in Arabic, French, and English, founded AAAW to empower women from Arab countries to thrive in their new home. This non-profit organization offers key language, education, and social support as well as education and cultural opportunities to Malden at large.

Initially interested in helping mentally challenged children, her academic and professional focus evolved through further education in Switzerland and eventually a move to the United States where she has worked in the medical field and subsequently banking. No matter the official role, however, Akib seems to be wired to figure out ways to  help those in need. And she does so with a wonderful smile and great effectiveness.

“Women of Distinction” to: Souad Akib, president of the American Association of Arab Women; Eileen Dern, R.N. director of Community Services for Hallmark Health; Karen Colon Hayes, community outreach manager for the City of Malden’ and Anielly Zeferino, teen honoree, who is a member of the 2012 graduating class at Malden High School. June 6, 2012