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The sun shines on all of us; it does not discriminate. To be successful, to be happy, to have no worries, we just need to be one. If we are one community – like one person – we will be successful.

— Souad Akib

Souad Akib, Executive Director and Founder of the American Arab Women's Assocation

In a day of troubling reports of terrorist attacks around the world, refugee crises in Europe and the US, war, and the trends of racial and ethnic profiling, Souad Akib, a native of Morrocco and a vibrant and well-loved presence in Malden, offers a concerned but optimistic voice of reason and hope to us all in Malden and beyond.

In 2010, Souad Akib founded the American Association for Arab Women (AAAW). In collaboration with other organizations in Malden, this non-profit organization helps women from Arab countries access the resources needed to navigate the systems, culture, and language of their new home. By this empowering support of women, the AAAW helps families to thrive in Malden.
Malden benefits by this service as immigrant families become engaged residents.

In addition, the AAAW sponsors events that invite all of Malden to workshops that raise awareness about important topics or to celebrations that build community - like a public Iftar during Ramadan or the AAAW flagship offering, International Women's Day. Enabling connection is at the heart of these occasions. The urge for this togetherness is a hospitality that for Souad goes through culture, tradition, language, country of origin, race, or religion. For as Souad says, "we are all human. We should be one."

Community Ramadan Iftar in Malden 2014


Music featured during the credits of this episode comes from Addi Ouadderrou and his Amazigh group, Amoud.


The selected song featured during the credits is a love song where a lover is looking at many girls on top of a wall (building) but only one girl fills his eyes and he sees her as the most beautiful among all girls. The words are: "Been in love is like if one is attached by rope. There is no Doctor that can free the one in love. Flowers all lined up on top of a wall. But one rose stood out in the middle of all flowers." ~~Translation courtesy of Addi Ouadderou.



Podcast music, courtesy of Temple Step Project Group, "Truth and Grace", one of six songs on the digital album entitled Embrace the One


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