Each Inside Malden episode features a story of an individual connected to Malden by work, residence, or history. His or her story holds nuggets of interestingness* and a chance to take in and be affected by what is shared. This online space invites you to explore the beliefs, community, and opportunities for discovery that emerge from each story. Perhaps you will be moved to continue the dialogue in a way with others and find ways to create change - whether in you or in Malden. Please view or listen to the episode, click around and learn something new, comment, tweet, or offer a guest post. Episodes are aired weekly on local cable (Comcast 3, Verizon 28) | Sundays at 7:30 pm and Thursdays at 11:30 am during the month the episode is current and available anytime on MATV's on-demand, Youtube, SoundCloud, or Itunes.

*term coined by Maria Papova of "Brainpickings"
STORY: Lisa L. Sears, Internal Sign Posts

STORY: Lisa L. Sears, Internal Sign Posts

Karen Sparacio

Impressive Panel Sparks Malden’s Imagination About Arts Expansion

Dr. Charles Grandson IV | Educational Leader “Gives Back” in Malden

Chris and Grace Tkach | Brewing Community

Mei Hung | Culture and Connection

Peter Moore | Confounding the “Same Old”

Yelena Beriyeva | Notes for Living

Sifu Mai Du | Instilling hope and inspiration in younger generations

Souad Akib | We are many and we are one




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